Mmmm… can you feel it? Uncommon flavors… sarees fluttering in the wind… bewildering colors… temples where believers slip into a trance-like state… Gods in every house. And crowds of people. So big  crowds that you would’ve never thought. One word express all these things: India.cover-india-670x300


A controversial country like no other. A religion that has been influencing the history of humanity, a culture that probably will never disappear, a country where the people are so poor that fighting for survival became life itself, a measureless place that only the thought of visiting this place  makes you feel lost.

Why would I like to go to India? Here are  my 10 reasons. But now I’ll add one more, a very personal one: the Kerala Blog Express Challenge.


What is Kerala Blog Express?

Kerala Blog Express is an experience offered by the Tourism Office of Kerala and it takes place on a bus. A bus with 30 adventurous people, willing to learn new thing, explore new places, take on the unknown and on top of everything, 30 people who are great at expressing themselves and have a way with words, be it in writing, video making . Meaning bloggers, vloggers, influencers and others alike.

They are going to get on a fancy, crazy colored bus that will take everyone through for  amazing adventure through the region of Kerala, also known as God’s own country. Once they finish the pilgrimages and the challenges they may encounter, the beautiful crazy people of the Internet will share with the world the stories about the adventures and the beauty of Kerala.


Kerala Blog Express is at its 6th season. If, so far, it was addressed to the international influencers, now this has changed: there will be 2 buses, one for the international bloggers, and another one for bloggers solely from India.A brilliant idea if you ask me!

You’re probably asking why a girl like me would want to be on that bus. Well, this is why: I want to taste the flavors of Kerala, see its sun and waters, I want to smell the perfume of its flowers and meet its people. I want to see the sunrises and the sunsets while being surrounded by smiles and spices, I want to taste the freedom and the joy of travelling carefree, something I haven’t been able to enjoy in a very long time.


But, above all, I miss India. The India where each moment is a battle, where cows are sacred and the traffic stops to let them pass, where peacocks roam around freely on the green fields and the temples are all around. Where the modern battles the prejudice and the misery and you’re left with two options: either run without ever looking back or you fall in love and wish you could come back again and again. For me it was the latter.


So, my dears, I ask of you to help me get on that  colored bus.

What do you have to do?

Nominate me on the official page of Kerala Blog Express.

Name: Carmen Dima

Blog- https//

Why nominate me?

Because I will bring to you as a gift the most beautiful stories you’ve ever read about India. And because, you’ll be with me on that crazy bus on our way to adventure.

What do you say, do we have a deal? Can I count on you? Are you going to send me to India? Can we all say:  hold that bus for Carmen ???